For over thirty years ESCO-Labor has developed and produced processing plants for use in Laboratory and Production. Offering a useful volume from one to four-hundred litre, our processing plants mix liquid and pasty products guaranteeing an absolute homogeneous final product. In addition to a good mixing result, we set high values on value for money-performance-ratio, a simple operation and easy and thorough cleaning.

Application scope
Our processing plants are used by over five hundred customers worldwide in the following industries:
> Pharmaceutical
> Chemical
> Colours and Lacquers
> Food
> Cosmetic

Our products: Batch mixers for laboratory and production, jet mills, piston valves
ESCO processing plants are available with jacketed stainless steel vessels to enable heating and cooling. Glass jacketed vessels are also available in our smaller mixer range. All processing plants are suitable for vacuum and constructed to meet the highest pharmaceutical standards (e.g. FDA). Additionally, the processing plants can be equipped to provide information for process software. To compliment our range of mixers we also produce filling units and dead space free piston valves (sampling valves).

Our aim
We seek to adapt our high quality products to the individual requirements of our customers and to continuously improve our products.