The ESCO Jet Mill grinds dry materials to a fineness in the range of  0,1 - 10 microns ( 0.0001 -0.01 mm). The mill is most effective in the range below 5 microns ( 0,05 mm).

Typical fields of application are the fine grinding of pharmaceutical active ingredients such as antibiotics, sulfonamides, salicylic acid, pesticides, mineral flour such as betonite, talc;  semi-conductors such as silicium and germanium as well as graphite, molybdenum etc. Its special processing methode makes the machine particularly suitable for grinding under sterile conditions.

This is how ESCO's JMRS works:

The product to be ground (1) and the air or inert gases (2) are blown into the grinding chamber under pressure through specially designed jets (3). In this way a unique flow pattern is created, causing product particles to collide with each other and hit against the wall of the grinding chamber with great impact. As a result, the desired grinding effect is achieved. The separation of the created fine particles from the air or  inert gases, is carried out by a special filter (5).

The obtainable degree of fineness depends,among other factors, on the shape and position of the various available jets and the size of the grinding gap. The lid of the grinding chamber and the upper edge of the guide pipe (6) form the grinding gap, which is adjustable while the unit in operation.

Grinding  sterile products under sterile conditions.

The ESCO  Jet Mill JMRS is particulary well suited for the grinding of antibiotics, sulfonamides and other pharmaceutical products,which have to be processed under sterile conditions. The mill has no motors, no rotating drive shafts and, therefore, no seals or ball bearings.

The product feed of the JMRS

An important factor in obtaining high fineness and even particle distribution, is a proper and constant product feed. Depending on the project at hand, ESCO can supply you with vibratory feeders and  proportioning screws.

Power supply to the JMRS

Compressors of different types are used as a power source. The choice depends on how free the product must be of oil, moisture and  dust. The selection of the air filter is based  on the same considerations. Of course, standard pressure gas cylinders can be used such as nitrogen or inert gases for materials sensitive to oxidation.

Type JMRS  80  SQ

This type is exactly the same design of the prooft JMRS 80 but with the advantage of grinding small quantitys.If you want to grind 5 gramms with loosing only 15 % of the product it is the right solution.Cleaning and handling is very easy because of the construction with a absolute minimum of parts.

Product-contact parts are in stainless steel 1.4401 (V4A, AISI  316) or, for materials sensitives to metal, in ceramic     ( cemented aluminium oxide). Filter bags are in nylon or sterilizable material (polyacrylnitril or polyester).

The outlet connection is made to the requirement of the customer.

Tri-Clamp, DIN 11851 or thread suiting any glasses.


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