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Mixer for:
- high viscosity products
- high temperature

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ESCO-Piston Valves
and ESCO-Sampling valves


ESCO-Labor: Dead space free sampling valveDead space free piston valves as outlet or sampling valves: Liquids, powders or granulates can be taken out of the  vessel during operation. The valves are fitted to the vessel or into a line where the sampling or discharging is required. In the closed position the piston is flush with the shape of the inside. For the open position the piston is moved manually or pneumatically into the back position so the outlet is completly free for sampling or discharging. During the closing operation the product in the bore is forced back into the vessel or line. If necessary the outlet can be flushed before the next operation. Different outlet connections or sampling bottles are available. Material for wetted or contact parts are normally 316L or Hastelloy C22. Seals are made of Silikon, Viton, Kalrez, EPDM if requested FDA approved.


All mixers with stainless steel vessels can be equipped optionally with a sampling valve.